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A car is not merely an asset but it has some emotional values attached to it as well. People usually have their sentiments attached to their vehicles. To keep your car up and running for years, maintaining it at regular intervals is of utmost importance. Here are some of the most essential car service tips for car owners to keep it in top-notch condition.

Timely Oil And Oil Filter Change

A car is nothing but a complex machine of hundreds of small and big moving parts. To keep their efficiency up, it requires a good amount of lubricant. To ensure smooth and hindrance-free movement of these parts, you need to make sure that the engine is well lubricated all the time. You need to change the oils of your car and you must hire the best car service for the same, They not only lubricate the parts but also retain the heat produced due to friction between the parts due to continuous movement. An oil filter should also be well maintained and you must change the filters once in a year.

Choose An Experienced Car Mechanic

A mechanic is a professional who is well versed with the mechanism of the car and knows how to fix issues. It is of utmost importance that you choose an experienced and well-trained mechanic for your car service. An inexperienced mechanic can only make things worse for your car and you may end up paying more in long run. A well-trained mechanic has the proper tools to work on your car and fixes every little problem with utmost efficiency. Make sure, you must check their license, certifications, and reviews before you hire. 

Keep A Check On The Indicators

There are several indicators which indicate various things in a car. Some indicate oil engine change and some indicate that the car service is due. Make it a habit of checking all the lights on the odometer and do not skip the scheduled services of your car. You can find such service schedules in your logbook.  You must check such indicators and consult a car service on an immediate basis.  

Check for any unpleasant sound

The biggest sign of a well-maintained car is that it runs smooth and soundless. No matter how well-maintained the car you own, even a little screw which is not tightened can make your driving experience hell. Unpleasant and unwanted sounds from the engine bay or from anywhere in the car mean that something in the car is not in the right place. It may sound like nothing but even a little screw at the wrong place can make you end up spending a huge amount on car service

Keep the interior and the engine bay clean

Dust and debris inside a car and the engine may sound like nothing but the fact is that they put an immense load on the filters and create some stress on your car engine. That is why it is recommended to regularly clean the interior as well as the exterior of your car to avoid heavy car service bills. You can use a vacuum to clean your car interior. 

Maintaining a car is not that difficult if you pay attention to some minor details. Follow these tips and have a fully functional vehicle without facing any major mechanical issue. Something as easy as keeping the engine bay clean can contribute to a healthy car life and it can help you go miles without a single major mechanical issue. 

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