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How to Access GPDP E-GramSwaraj Payment Status

The E-GramSwaraj Payment Status can be accessed online or by downloading their app. This app provides other useful features, including the ability to view reports on your mobile device. Login options and work records of Panchayats can also be found on the website. Users can also download their GPDP report in PDF format. Once downloaded, the eGramSwaraj application can be used for the same purposes as the website.

Online payments for Panchayati Raj

In Telangana, online payments for panchayati raj are done by more than 199,235 gram panchayats. To date, the total amount received through this system has topped Rs. 70,000 crores. All schemes that were onboarded by the gram panchayats are available for online payments. The online application form should be filled in correctly, including the names of the gram panchayats and the number of voters.

The e-Gram Swaraj platform is the first step in transforming the way panchayats operate. The online payment interface for PRIs integrates the AuditOnline application, which facilitates audit inquiries and Panchayat accounts. This will help PRIs enhance accountability and transparency in their operations. To ensure this, the government has already started testing this innovative online payment system. To make the transition as smooth as possible, the government has introduced an online payment portal called e-Gram Swaraj.

Login options

If you have an account on eGram Swaraj and would like to log in to the portal, you can use one of the following options. The e-Panchayat Swaraj portal is an online portal that contains information pertaining to panchayats. Registrants must create a user account before they can begin using the portal. The login options are very simple and will make it easy to log in and perform your daily business.

After creating an account, you must have the user name and password. You must ensure that you fill in the right captcha code to avoid false information. You will be able to view the status of your payment voucher by using these options. Having an account will make it easier to pay for goods or services. The eGramSwaraj portal allows you to see the status of your payments.

Work records of Panchayats

The e-gram swaraj portal provides the work records of Panchayats. Developed by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj, it offers all the information about the development works undertaken by the Panchayats of India. The app is also accessible through mobile applications and has simplified the process of navigation. The app also makes it easy to find the desired information and data.

The e-gram swaraj portal was launched by the central government on April 24, 2021, the National Panchayati Raj Diwas. It provides the public with information on funds received by the Panchayats and their progress. It also gives the information on the money allocated to the Panchayats and their work records. The government also offers a variety of other resources for the Panchayats to use.


If you want to know if your GPDP E-gram swaruj payment status is current, you need to know how to access it. Using this free online service, you can find out the status of your government payments and see how much has been paid out to you. The website lets you view your GPDP status by selecting the scheme name, plan year, state, and district panchayat. You can also look up information on the allocated funds in a village.

As part of the E-Panchayat Mission Mode Project, the government has launched an e-Gram Swaraj portal. Using the e-Gram Swaraj portal, people can view information on panchayat development and the progress of its projects. This simplified task-based accounting system is designed to improve transparency and accountability in decentralised planning, progress reporting, and panchayati raj institutions.


A mobile application for tracking panchayat development works has been released by the Ministry of Panchayati Raj. The app has features such as geo-tagging of assets, progress reporting, action planning, and gram panchayat structure. Candidates can download the app from the Google Play Store and install it on their mobiles. It is designed to make the whole process of panchayat development more efficient and transparent.

In a first step, the eGramSwaraj application incorporates beneficiary details of various union ministries into its dashboard. These details can then be verified by anyone, including citizens. There are nine schemes integrated with the eGramSwaraj application. It also allows users to view the profiles of elected representatives and panchayats. In the future, this information will be made available for any citizen to view.

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