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Which are called the Stretched Bar LCD Display?

You might have come across a wide angle of screening solutions that are accessible on the market to present standard images in screening size. With this recourse, several screens that are utilized in the home, industry, or in digital signage are of the same dimension, which is rectangular but with a finite ratio of height and width. As these products are navigated by the home market it takes sizing the TV camera filming dimensions and more freshly the desire to sizing the widescreen and home cinema. The insinuation of pursuing the industrial screens and digital signage platforms is that – 

A) People are capable to inherit various data from rectangular screens, and 

B) The method of adjusting the TV-based resolution price with the commercial grade displays is much minimum from getting scratch. 

Restrictions of standard screens: –

OEM designers and marketing visionaries with the emulsion of digital signage have started to perceive the importance of using signage screens in custom-made applications. The traditional advent for standard resolution in digital signage has commercial stretched LCD grade monitors and a wall mount to place that screen forms to represent a store design. However, the need to advertise the particulars goes beyond the capabilities of uniformed walls to accept the standard rectangle screen. 

The chances of visually influencing might proceed long while narrowing the spaces that will perfectly settle until there is a need for longer and thinner units of tiniest quality screens. The standard TV screens, for instance, installing them into public transport vehicles for information and advertising have been done for over a decade, however, aspiring them to install on flush panels or to fit in the designing interiors of carriages has grown along with the newly born techniques. Presently the buses and train designers are looking for a long and thin screen to fit perfectly along the header panel of the coach where all passengers can get a review, so no one can discern the wall mounted just at the front of the coach.

Why have they been hard to get grasp?

It happens mainly because of the rates. As stated earlier, rather than taking the existing resolution screen over the television display, the technique to acclimatize commercial applications is proportionately uncomplicated. Most screens have been devised to chests – however, the cost of production is lowered-making the screens viable to traditional resolute for speculating on all. Making a screen down to half the original height and keeping the width; drastically diminishes the application screen, which is too operated. These applications are apt to high circumambient light and therefore demanded sunlight to read bright backlighting and rugged designs that can cope with the demands of public display and transport applications. All of this can guide a market with a finite size availability at an exorbitant rate.

Now You Can Display Everywhere!

Many manufacturers are there now, who can endow a full range of Stretched Bar LCD Display with remarkable pricing points. With the increased demand for limited height digital signage screens, commercial screens have filled the gap. The SSD Series opens up the previous cost-inhibitive ranges of digital signage opportunity by presenting a comprehensive number of sizes that comprehends but are not finite to: –

• Custom-made digital signage

• Depicts gaming info points for casinos and bingo halls

• Transport header panelling in coaches

• Display the menu board header 

• Header display used in Ticket Kiosk / Box Office 

• Museum displays

• Information and advertising on Taxi 

• Shows the schedules and routes in Bus shelters

Along with the standard sinewy wall mountable chassis’ VESA mounting points are housed in the SSD series products. With the multiple video inputs for flexibility, the range features brightness levels from 300 NITS to ultra-bright 2000 NITS LCD panels. Extra characteristics entail the touchscreen options, low power consumption (from just 9.6W for the 10” unit), and viewing angles up to +80°~-80°(H), +85°~-85°(V).

Main Attributes: – 

• Comprehensive Sizes ranging from 10″ to 49″

• Sunlight Readable: from 300nits to 2000nits Brightness 

• Green: LED Backlight & Low Power Consumption

• From 70,000hrs to 100,000hrs – Long Life Expectancy.

• Slim Bezel & Fanless – Smart Design

• Obtainable with LCM Module / Plug & Play Monitor which are Flexible

OEM design: –

For a stretched LCD OEM design, many assured manufacturers are available; there to provide support while selecting the components and adding the screen. Or else, if a specialized size of the aperture is there, which directed the need of a product to fit pensively, trusted manufacturers are there to the task.

Final Take: – Many manufacturers specialize in the production of commercial-grade screens for OEM designs and applications in highly definite vertical markets. They can evaluate your needs to locate the right screen solution having a more than extensive range of choices that nears a bespoken service, without bespoken rates. So, try to establish contact with these manufacturers for any advice on on-screen displays in digital signage, OEM integration, or general industrial use.

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