Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Tufac Warns Critics

Olawale Oloforo, better known as Brymo, has recently been making false accusations against Tuface. The rap star has denied having sex with Annie and assaulting her. Tuface’s response to Brymo’s false accusations was a series of warnings posted to his Instagram stories. The rapper didn’t specifically name any critics in his messages, but warned them not to do so in the future.


Nigerian hip hop singer, 2Baba, has issued a warning to critics. He is reportedly at the center of a marital infidelity scandal. His wife Annie has reportedly had a ruckus with family members over allegations of sexual involvement and infidelity. Tuface, however, has denied any involvement.. In a recent interview with Stella Dimoko-Korkus, the singer said that he does not have an affair.

The rapper has also warned critics against interfering in his personal life. He issued the warning in his Instagram story. The rap star was the centre of several controversies in the past few months. One such controversy involved his marriage to Annie Idibia. Brymo also weighed in with his own allegations, but 2Face’s management labelled them as false. He also warned fans not to read too much into minor incidents, including comments on his Instagram stories.

Pero Osayemi

Baby mama to Tufac Idibia, Pero Osayemi, has addressed social media trolls. She has even tagged herself as a spoiled baby mama. Pero has since denied having an affair with Tuface. It’s not clear why she’d do that, but her baby mama status is enough to scare off critics. Tufac’s mother, Pero Osayemi, warned critics to be careful when calling her a spoiled baby mama.

A recent story has Pero Osayemi in the spotlight. She was accused of sleeping with 2Face in the same room, while another story claimed that she and her husband slept together. The situation has generated a lot of negative responses, but some have defended her and issued a warning to trolls. Tufac also said that critics should refrain from praising Pero because she has three children with two men.

Annie Idibia

After a string of rumors emerged that alleged infidelity has surfaced between Tuface Idibia and his wife, Annie Idibia, the Nigerian singer has warned the media and the public to leave her alone. He apologised to fans on his Instagram page but refused to name names and warned critics not to interfere with his personal life. Despite the accusations of infidelity, Annie said she had not unfollowed Tuface but simply decided to enjoy her life and not worry about her marriage.

2Face Idibia, the husband of legendary Nigerian singer Annie Idibia, has recently warned his critics to leave his wife alone after a string of rumours surfaced involving the singer. The rumours were based on reports that Annie Idibia had unfollowed her husband on Instagram. However, Annie quickly denied the claims and her management team issued a statement claiming that the rumours were baseless.

Pero Osayemi’s wife

‘Tufac’s wife Pero Oseayemi has a message for critics: “Don’t write about us without our consent,” the actress/singer warns. The star is the mother of three children from two different relationships. Her three children, Chioma, 2baba, and Tumi, are all named after their mothers. Their marriage ended in divorce. Tufac’s wife Pero Osayemi, the mother of two children by 2baba, has a message for those criticizing the couple.

Annie Idibia labelled Pero as a spoiled baby mama, saying that she and Tuface were sleeping together. But Pero has since denied any of those allegations. And she has warned ‘critics’ of their marriage, saying, ‘I don’t like people who attack our kids!’ Is this really what Pero Osayemi wants her babies to think?

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