Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

Do College Students need Advanced Mental Help from Colleges

Several studies have shown that the impact of the mental health of the pandemic is mainly significant on all the students preparing to get admission to colleges.

It is shown that 60% of teenagers concluded that COVID 19 indicated their feelings of loneliness. Also, around six out of 10 teenagers said that they go through several mental health challenges.

Experts said that almost 42% students face depression. While, 46% face severe stress. As a consequence, this crisis of mental health has already changed the ways students can evaluate universities and colleges. Now several people are paying attention to the resources of campus mental health offered to decide which university they should choose. 

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Why College should do Marketing and invest in the Services of students’ Mental Health?

Sixty-eight per cent of college and university leaders surveyed by the American Council on Education (ACE) in December 2020 listed student mental health as a top concern. If they could, more than half of college presidents surveyed by the American Psychological Association (APA) stated they would increase the number of counsellors on employees. Counselling services on campus can be helpful, but they cannot fix all of the problems that students face with their emotional well-being.

Here are some top reasons why higher education should do marketing and invest in student wellness and campus mental health. There are several aspects of marketing that students should know about and have an idea about. If you want to know about the types of marketing and its aspects, then you should take our Marketing Assignment help.

It helps to improve the Academic Performance of all Students.

Mental health problems have an impact on success being a college student and academic performance. Poor mental health is all about a lack of doing things and motivation, as well as problems in focusing on the ways that can lead to poor marks in the examination. The mental health resources can help to find support in their academic success areas. A survey found that 65% of all college students had a feeling that professional counselling has improved their academic performance.

Supporting the Student’s Mental Well-being

After a year of a worldwide pandemic, the college environment is already worried for students.

There will also be a wide range of mental health issues that can’t be addressed by standard counselling when students return to their university. According to research, 39% of college students face major mental health challenges.

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Suicide Prevention

Silverdale federations recommended that the community-based model protect students’ emotional health as well as suicide prevention in the campus areas. There are a number of students who come to campus losing their loved ones from the pandemic but still suffering from mental health challenges. They might go into depression, and that is a Hidden sign of mental illness. Three people aged from 18 to 25 attempted suicide in the last 40 days.

In tough times like this, it is very crucial to get a campus that can focus on marketing on promoting suicide prevention that helps to educate all that help them who are struggling.

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