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Most loved tourist attractions in Dubai

In terms of the most popular tourist attraction in the world, Dubai stands on the list of top ones. It’s fascinating to know that Dubai city is renowned for its opulent shopping, resorts, luxury hotels vibrant nightlife, awesome beaches, and awe-inspiring architecture. The city continues to expand and is looking ahead, collaborating with high-tech firms as well as dreaming bigger. Let’s admire some of the best tourist attractions in Dubai to have endless fun.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa is the world’s tallest building as well as a must to visit attraction for anyone visiting. The skyscraper is boasting impressive stats, offering world’s tallest building with the height of 2722 ft and more than 160 floors. If you’re brave enough, Burj Khalifa’s observation deck located on 124th and 125th floor offers the breathtaking views of the city. In fact, no Dubai tour is incomplete with visiting this iconic building.

Yacht rental Dubai

If you’re looking for fun-filled activities with the perfect outdoor venue, look no further than yacht rental Dubai in Dubai marina. All you’ve to do is, charter a yacht especially in the evening when marina is filled with astonishing lights. Enjoy a dinner cruise with live music on board, and spend some quality time. A lotus mega yacht dinner cruise is best to relish multiple cuisines with minimum two hours of cruising. So, whenever you visit Dubai, renting a yacht must be added on your bucket list. 

Kite Beach

Dubai offers some of the stunning beaches of the world and the city looked upon as a tourist destination. Beaches keep the families occupied as well as engaged on the trip. While talking about the beaches, Kite Beach comes on the top. It’s fascinating to know that kite beach offers great excitement to all the visitors. People love to bask upon the crystalline beaches. They take a dip into the emerald water. Kite beach also offer number of other activities such as Skate Park, outdoor library, outdoor trampolines, and much more.

Desert Safari Dubai

Whether you are preferring camel safari or having an amazing time in a 4-wheeler, a desert safari will delight the visitors as well as considered as one of the amazing things to do in Dubai. A desert safari is a challenging task in itself which could be enjoyed in a distinctive way on the white powdery sand dunes of Dubai.  A Safari trip allow you enjoy the delicious delicacies of Arabian cuisine, regional dance programs, sheesha party, henna painting etc. It would be best to choose the safari package offering all the exciting activities.

Ski Dubai

Dubai is not all about deserts, beaches as well as shopping malls. If you are having apprehensions about the warm weather, the water park is not only the last resort. Its fascinating to know that the mall of Emirates is one of the amazing rescues in order to beat the heat. Get the chance to experience the cold winter at Ski Dubai during the summertime.   Spend your time doing shopping at ease. Along with this, there’re are number of other activities for kids to have some fun-filled moments. Hence, ski Dubai allow you play with the snow, ski boarding and making ice statues.

The Dubai Fountain

Dubai Fountain is one of the most popular attraction in the city attracting thousands of visitors daily to watch the light and water show.  The fountain show adorns the beautiful Burj Khalifa Lake located in the middle of the city. Enjoy the beautiful colored water of the fountain dancing on melodious Arabian music. Along with this, the water shoots up with the height of 150 meters into the air. However, the music system of the fountain is operated from close by Mall.

Dubai Ice Rink

Without any doubt, Dubai Mall is one of the most-loved tourist attractions for both locals and visitors. Dubai mall is the home to number of amazing entertainment activities for adults and children. The Olympic size ice rink complements the others. Moreover, the Ice rink is not only for the professionals but also for the amateurs who are still learning. The rink is open to people of all age groups. Furthermore, there is a provision of an extra activities for the kids. Hence, some of these activities include proficient guidance of professionals.

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