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8 Fun Facts About Cockatoos Parrots That You Must Know!

Cockatoos are beautiful and smart birds that make great pets! They’re native to Australia, but there are many different species of cockatoos parrots around the world. So, today in this article, we will learn 8 interesting fun facts about cockatoos. Also, later on, we will even reveal where you can buy cockatoos or even talking parrots for sale!

8 Intriguing Fun Facts about Cockatoos!

1. Cockatoos have a lot in common with dogs!

While cockatoos might not be able to do tricks like a dog, they can still be just as affectionate. In fact, they are often described as the “pets with wings”. They are highly intelligent and curious birds that love interacting with their human companions.

Our cockatoo expert has this to say about their intelligence: “They’re very smart birds; you’ll have no problems teaching them new words and tricks.” And if you’re looking for a companion bird who will enjoy sitting on your shoulder while you do housework or watch TV, then look no further than your local aviary!

2. Cockatoos like to spend time on the ground!

Cockatoos are very social birds and need to spend a lot of time with people. This means that they’re not just content to sit on their perches all day, but instead love to play and be petted and groomed by their owners.

Cockatoos have been known to enjoy running around on the ground when they have the chance, which is why cockatoo breeders will often train them to walk on a leash. Having your cockatoo run around outside is great for its health as well!

3. Cockatoos can be found everywhere from the Philippines to Australia!

You may have noticed that I’ve used the word cockatoo throughout this article, rather than a specific species. That’s because there are 18 different types of cockatoo! You can find them in the Philippines and Australia, as well as Indonesia and other parts of Asia. They tend to favour tropical climates and can be found in rainforests or savannas.

Because they are not migratory birds, you’ll see each of these species year-round wherever they’re found. If you’re lucky enough to spot one while travelling abroad, take some time to observe its behaviour: it will most likely be preening itself or eating!

4. Even if they’re not great at climbing trees, cockatoos are still very nimble!

Even though their name makes them sound like they couldn’t possibly be good at climbing trees, cockatoos are actually very nimble. They can jump high in the air and move quickly, making them great for flying from tree to tree. However, even if they aren’t great climbers on a vertical scale, they still have plenty of skills that make climbing easy for them.

Both males and females use their beaks to help them climb. Their sharp claws also help grip branches while climbing! While most birds’ feet are only used for walking horizontally on the ground or hanging upside down from branches, many other birds besides cockatoos use their feet to help them grip surfaces while moving vertically up or down in trees (like parrots).

5. Cockatoos might feel like a member of your family!

You might think that a cockatiel is a good starter pet, but it’s not. Cockatoos are highly intelligent and can learn to mimic human speech. They also have amazing long-term memories, so you can expect them to remember what you said if they hear it once or twice! Your bird may even be able to understand simple commands like “come here” or “go there”.

Cockatoos need lots of attention from their owners in order to thrive—they’re very social animals who like interacting with humans. If you want one as a pet, be prepared for lots of cuddling and playing around with your bird every day!

6. Cockatoos are incredibly social animals – so much so that they need to spend a lot of time with people!

If you’ve ever owned a cockatoo, then you already know what I’m talking about: these birds are incredibly social animals. In fact, they need to spend a lot of time with people! This is because they’re so used to being around other birds and humans that they can’t feel comfortable unless they’re around these creatures.

The truth is that when it comes to living with cockatoos — especially if you have more than one — there’s no such thing as having too much company!

7. Cockatoos can make almost any sound they hear, under the right circumstances!

Cockatoos are among the most talented mimics in the bird kingdom. They can make almost any sound they hear, under the right circumstances!

They’re not just mimicking what they hear; they are capable of learning new words and phrases from their stuffed toy parrot friends. This isn’t the same as imitating other birds, either—it’s more like talking back to us humans than parroting another bird’s call.

8. Cockatoos are fun and fascinating birds that also make great pets!

Cockatoos are fun and fascinating birds that also make great pets. Here are some things you need to know about them:

  • Cockatoos require lots of attention, so if you’re looking for a bird that doesn’t require a lot of care then this isn’t the bird for you. If you do choose to get a cockatoo, however, make sure that its cage is big enough!
  • Cockatoos parrots eat mostly fruit but they also love seeds too! Make sure you have plenty of healthy fruits like apples or bananas on hand so they always have something tasty in store when hunger strikes!

Where to Buy Cockatoo for Sale?

Cockatoo for sale is easy to find online. There are many different pet stores that sell cockatoos, and you can also buy them from breeders. If you want a specific type of cockatoo, it is best to go to the breeder because they will have the exact kind of bird you want.

Cockatoos can be very expensive depending on what type of bird you get, so make sure that you have enough money before buying one!


So, if you’re looking for a new pet and want to avoid allergies, cockatoos parrots might just be the perfect solution!

Do your research before bringing one home (or not), but remember that these colourful birds are just as happy living inside or outside of an apartment with their human companions.

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