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College Dorm Party

This blog post will help you avoid the consequences of partying too hard at college dorm parties. Be sure to read about the risks and potential consequences as well.

find out what college students know about college dorm parties

Collage dorms are common for college students to party in. There is a variety of different dorm parties, with the most prevalent being one where there is partying present. These dorms are found on a campus, with two or four year colleges, and many also have housing for graduate students. Typically, freshmen through seniors live in these dorm parties while they attend school.

What’s allowed in college dorm parties?

College dorm party are a great way to socialize, be creative, and make college more memorable. If you’re entering a dorm party, you need to know what is banned in the dorm room. Alcohol in private parties isn’t allowed most of the time, but found around when that’s not the case. Parties with alcohol are also off-limits since this can ruin future endeavors. Unless my school has an alcohol policy that differentiates from other schools–and there might be some out there–you shouldn’t allow alcohol in your dorms.

Dorm parties are fun, but be safe

for a safe dorm party, you need to make sure an adult is aware that the party will be happening, and you must not have too many people in the dorm at once. You should have no damage to the building, or have any record of broken property. For those who don’t have a resident advisor in their dorm suite, they should know where the emergency phone number is on campus, and who they can call if they need some help.

Check Out Dorm Party Tips for Parents

Understand your college student’s rights when it comes to alcohol consumption, excessive drug use, and risks of drinking games. Your college student should know his or her limits and be equipped with a safety plan in the event of a party emergency.

Learn how to plan a dorm party

Know what is allowed, and what is not before attending a dorm party. Be mindful of dangers. You can ask us for more information about the laws by emailing us!

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