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How to Get 10 000 Fans Easily on Facebook? Best and Easy Ways

With more than 2.3 billion monthly active users, Facebook is clearly the leader among social media platforms.

More than 60% of all Internet users are on it, making it an excellent medium for advertising goods and services and attracting new audiences to get 10 000 fans(followers).

The key to making this work for your company is to amass a sizable fan base on your Facebook business page.

Below, we’ll examine the significance of a large number of Facebook followers.

Why is it crucial to have a large number of Facebook likes for your company page?

It’s a good indicator of the site’s overall popularity because the more fans it has, the more popular it is.

There are many advantages to having a Facebook company page that get 10 000 fans instead of 1,000.

Consider that between 2011 and 2012, the United States Department of State invested $630,000 to expand its Facebook Fan count from 100,000 to 2 million; this is a clear indication of the importance of having a large number of loyal customers who trust your brand

What was their motivation?

To compete in today’s market, a website or blog needs a large following on Facebook. In contrast to five years ago, social proof is crucial in the twenty-first century.

In other words, if you have a lot of followers, more people will notice your updates in their timeline and maybe check out your site to get 10 000 fans.

Despite this, not everyone who follows you will see your updates.

As a result of Facebook’s latest algorithm modifications, only a tiny fraction of your followers (no more than 4%) will see your status updates.

It’s vital to know that even if you have got 10 000 fans and make a new update, only about 300 to 400 people will see it without any further effort on your part.

That helps with search engine optimization as well – Popular websites on Facebook are more likely to perform well in search than less popular websites, despite Google’s public denial that social media is a ranking component. 

Get 10 000 Fans on Facebook friends from scratch

Have you finally come to the conclusion that having a large number of get 10 000 fans on Facebook is crucial?

Let’s break down, step-by-step, how to go from zero to ten thousand followers for your website and company.

You must have a Facebook business page before doing anything else.

This may seem obvious to seasoned social media users, but it may be novel to those just get 10k fans: Different rules apply for personal and professional Facebook profiles.

Facebook is a great place to share vacation photos with friends and family, but first, you need to set up a profile.

Create a Facebook business page if you want people to like and follow your website or company.

First, ensure you have a Facebook business page, and second, optimise that page to maximise its potential.

Enhance the performance of your company’s Facebook page.

Optimizing your Facebook business page means picking a user-friendly username, writing an engaging description for the short description field, filling out the long description, company overview, and mission fields with accurate information (see screenshot below), and, most importantly, posting engaging content.

Use your own Facebook account to its full potential.

A personal Facebook account is still required, even if I said in step 1 above that you should use a company page instead.

Reasons why:

Sharing an update from your company page on your personal profile is a great approach to get more people to see it and interact with your brand.

It’s more probable that friends and followers of your personal page will “like” and “interact” with postings from your company page.

Therefore, Facebook will now display your updates to a wider audience (organically).

Sharing and promoting the post on your page is one strategy to boost the amount of people who visit your posts and move past the 4% of your fan base.

There’s no doubt that the reach of a post will increase proportionally with the number of people who have chosen to “like” it.

You should also make sure that all of your friends, both old and new, are invited to like your business page on Facebook. Repeat that process whenever you get a new “friend.”

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