Friday, February 3rd, 2023

Haven’t Tried Kratom Shots? You’re Missing the Real Kratom!

If you are a kratom connoisseur, then you must have tried almost every product of kratom. From powder to capsules and softgels to gummies. You may have also tried kratom in various ways. Brewing as tea, mixing in juices and food, sprinkling over your salad snack, and more. 

Have you tried kratom shots? 

Many of you might have. Some others may not. Shots are the purest form of kratom to hit the block. And it’s making a rage. Products like Maeng Da Liquid Kratom Extract Shot are selling like hot cakes. 

These are the perfect things to boast about for kratom lovers. Gulp a shot and you are ready to face the world! 

Feeling pain and discomfort? Don’t let this cripple your productivity and plans for the day. Take a shot and let your body revive its fitness. 

What’s a kratom shot actually? 

Kratom shot is the liquid extract of alkaloids from the leaves of the kratom tree. And because it is pure, it is strong. This is the ultimate kratom for energy. It promises to give you a “punch” of energy and enthusiasm. So, go easy when gulping a shot. 

Shots are prepared using a unique extraction method. You may have eaten gummies. They, too, contain kratom extract, but this is solidified form. Shots are liquid. 

Are they bitter? 

Yes. However, a few vendors use flavors to conceal the bitterness of kratom. As you search for “kratom near me,” you would find a vendor that sells unflavored shots. They are caffeine-free too. 

It takes a brave heart to gulp these unflavored shots! But hey, when you are looking for pure quality you must go for products that contain minimal added flavors. Only then do you taste the real thing, right? 

This unflavored shot bottle contains 5 ml of pure and strong kratom extract, all set to let you shine in your daily duties. 

Shot contents

As mentioned earlier, shots contain pure alkaloid extracts. Most of them contain a higher concentration of mitragynine alkaloids. In a 5 ml bottle from a prestigious vendor, you may find 124.5 mg of this alkaloid. The second active alkaloid, 7-hydroxymitragynine, is present in 10.08 mg. 

Most reputable vendors pay utmost care to prepare shots in high-end facilities in the US. 

And it’s always good to buy products from manufacturers awarded with the certification of Current Good Manufacturing Practices. A few of the kratom manufacturevendors of kratom in Nebraskars have this certification. You can find with this certification. 

Why try shots? 

There’s no harm in continuing to use conventional kratom products like capsules and powder. However, those feeling monotony in their kratom ritual can look for new ways to use this herb. 

As per experts’ advice, beginners must stay away from shots. Use kratom powder or capsules. Once your body becomes familiar with this herb, you can try shots. 

Never overdose on shots. These are pure kratom extracts and can produce serious discomfort. Respect your body. Stick to the normal dosage

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