Monday, January 30th, 2023

Planning to Drive Through NYC in your Exotic Rental? Read up Here!

Are you planning to rent a Ferrari and explore NYC on your zippy jazzy ride? Indeed, opting for exotic car rentals is a great way to enhance the quality of your holiday. It could be one of the simplest and smartest ways to transform your normal vacation into a luxurious one! All you need to do is head to a service provider for “exotic car rental near me” and pick the vehicle of your choice! Complete the formalities and you are good to go!

What are the Formalities to Cater to?

The formalities include:

  • Checking the vehicle thoroughly before you take possession of it. Clicking pictures of the interiors and exteriors is extremely important. 
  • You need to pay up the deposit as has been agreed upon by both parties. 
  • Make sure you have insurance documents sorted out before hitting the road. You may have rental insurance included in your existing car owner policy. Sometimes, credit cards also offer insurance for car rentals. Check before buying a new policy. 

Once the formalities have been completed, your rental executive will offer you a lowdown on rules and norms about driving in NYC. All said and done, driving in a new city brings along its hassles. Knowing the rules minimizes them considerably. We provide some insights into the ways of driving in NYC for assistance. 

Important Facts to know when driving in NYC 

Driving in NYC would essentially be about following traffic rules and refraining from dishonoring traffic signals and other traffic-related signs, just as the case is in any other city. However, there are some more rules to abide by as well. Some important facts you need to know include: 

  • When it comes to pedestrians, NYC walkers are daring, and they also prefer jaywalking as and when they please. Therefore, even when you are not around crossings, look out for pedestrians before upping your speed or before releasing the brake pedal. It is always better to be careful. 
  • Concerning parking, if there is a fire hydrant near the parking space, consider a distance of at least 15 meters from it. Otherwise, your vehicle is likely to be towed away. Also, when you are parking close to crosswalks make sure the tires are completely inside the crosswalk markings. Incorrect placement can attract tickets. 
  • Parking lots, no matter how expensive they might be, are better choices than secure lots. Secure lots cause a great deal of inconvenience. For instance, if your car has been towed from Manhattan, they will take it to Brooklyn! Besides the cost of the ticket, they will also charge you extra for storing the vehicle! Also, towing secure lots would be closed on weekends. Imagine having to spend an extra night in NYC and pay all that extra expense for getting your rented vehicle back! It can ruin the essence of your complete holiday! 

Know for a fact that smoking inside the car is illegal in KYC. Your exotic car rental in Ronkonkoma, NY can be a delightful experience, provided you follow the rules to the hilt! 

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