Monday, January 30th, 2023

Secure Your Products During Shipping with Custom Mailer Boxes

Companies use mailer boxes to pack heavy-weight items. Moreover, they are also an optimal choice for packing sensitive items, as the sturdy mailer box keeps fragile products secure during shipping. Custom mailer boxes with catchy prints and enticing colors stand out your brand in the market.  Moreover, custom mailer corrugated boxes are strong enough to keep your products safe and secure.

Secure Your Products During Shipping with Custom Mailer Boxes

The safe shipping of products becomes a nightmare for the brands. As things are supplied from the warehouse, the shipments get worried brands. So, we at Urgent Boxes have made it simple for you. Our wholesale corrugated boxes are the best source to ship your delicate items safely. They protect them from external harm and scratches. Subsequently, you can safely get your items to your doorsteps in their natural form without harm.

Elevate Your Brand Name with Custom Printed Mailer Boxes with a Logo

In the competitive market, it isn’t easy to distinguish your brand’s items. Custom-printed mailer boxes with a logo and product details are the best marketing source. The colorful printing of custom logos and captivating taglines get imprinted in the buyer’s minds.  So, your brand’s name becomes word of mouth, and as a result, your business sales are enhanced.

Printing of Mailer Packaging with Appropriate Colors

In color prints, we use two color models. These are CMYK and PMS. CMYK is a four-color model that produces limited shades in color. You can give your wholesale custom packaging an astounding appearance with CMYK. In comparison, PMS is more costly than CMYK. But it produces unlimited shades of hues and results in high-quality prints.

Mailer Boxes in Sturdy and Sustainable Packaging Material

We use corrugated cardboard material to manufacture mailer boxes wholesale. Corrugated cardboard with various flutes gives strength to your packaging. The sturdy nature of boxes makes them suitable for transport. On the other hand, corrugated cardboard is a sustainable printing stock. It can be created in any form and is also biodegradable. Corrugated stock is usually preferred for its eco-friendly packaging. Its packaging is also recyclable.

Custom Mailer Packaging Easy to Assemble

One of the main qualities of corrugated cardboard mailer packaging is its flexibility. They are simple and convenient to assemble. Moreover, they are also helpful in carrying and handling during shipping.

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