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Get a Unique IP Address for Your Site with Dedicated Server Web Hosting


When you are in the process of finding the perfect web hosting solution to support your website, you will see multiple different choices. In spite of this, a dedicated server stands out among the best options, providing several beneficial features that can improve the performance of your website. One such valuable feature is a unique IP address that assigns to you when you begin your web hosting experience with a Dedicated Server Web Hosting.

Unique IP addresses have countless advantages with them. hence this is post is dedicated to showcasing some of the major key benefits you can attain once you pick Dedicated Server Hosting Plans.

What is a Unique IP Address?

The term “IP” (Internet Protocol) refers to the individual address that is given to each machine linked to a particular network. A unique internet protocol address identifies a machine or website within a particular network and provides reliable location information.

A unique IP address is simply an IP address that only your website can use, and others cannot influence its benefits.

The majority of commonly shared hosting packages come with a common IP address. For companies that are just starting or don’t require a lot of authority over their website, sharing resources could be acceptable. However, because of the many advantages that website hosting companies generally provide, a unique IP address is a widely used add-on service on a Dedicated Server Web Hosting platform.

Benefits of Having a Unique IP

Benefits of Having a Unique IP

It is advised to choose a unique IP address for any website hosted and maintained on a dedicated server. Here, we’ll go over the primary benefits of choosing this feature for your website:

It gives you 24/7 access to your website.

Before linking any type of domain name to the server and putting your website online, it could be helpful to review how the site will look to your end users. Therefore, without having to modify any specific DNS settings for the domain name, a unique IP address will provide direct access to the server. You can access your website anytime using a unique IP address. However, the IP address is usually assigned to your Dedicated Server Web Hosting cPanel account according to its configuration.

It increases the reliability of the email sender.

Shared or common IP addresses can cause unexpected problems for your website; they can also affect your business’s mail service. If your IP address is blocked by other users for spamming, it can also affect your email. However, when you utilize a unique IP address on the Best Dedicated Server Hosting for email, you automatically protect your service from negative effects. As there are no outside users present to harm your activities.

It is beneficial for a company’s identity.

To protect the data of your consumers, you need a unique IP address as well as an SSL certificate for your website. When you plan to operate your own online store or other e-commerce-related domain, you have a responsibility to offer secure service to your customers especially if you are processing payments. A unique IP address helps you to ensure your customers that their sensitive information is perfectly secure.

It is essential for specific third-party programs and scripts.

A unique IP address is sometimes needed to run a certain program or script on your server setup. As a site owner, often you are pushed to use a particular type of software or programs; however, in the majority of shared IP address scenarios, certain scripts are not compatible to run efficiently. So, if you’re thinking about getting an IP address for installing SSL for instance, we advise using a unique IP address alternative that enables SSL installation on a Dedicated Server Web Hosting platform quite seamlessly with cPanel.

Where Can You Buy a Unique IP Address with a Dedicated Server Hosting?

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Cheap Dedicated Server Plans to Host Your Website

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Prior to purchasing a service, you should know and understand your website’s needs and conditions. Businesses that typically deal with high-traffic loads often consider investing in a dedicated server. However, with a Dedicated Server Web Hosting, you need to enhance your website identity by adding a unique IP address.

This post was aimed to notify some of the key advantages of having a unique IP address. When you receive high traffic, send out a lot of emails, and use FTP services, your website will need a unique IP. We recommended Hostbillo’s Best Dedicated Server Hosting for your current needs. As they offer some of the best and most affordable plans concerning your website’s optimal performance