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Serverwala’s Australia VPS Server helps you Secure your Website


With the advancing cyber threats, every website owner needs to consider the protection of their websites & visitors on a high level. The first & crucial step towards this is acquiring a dependable & powerful web hosting solution. This is where people prefer to opt for the Australia VPS server. A virtual private server provides an isolated web hosting environment with dedicated web resources to host your website at the most affordable cost pricing. 

It further comes with many other hyper-scale hosting benefits & privileges that enable you to assure the full safety of the website as well as its users. However, you are required to seek a trustworthy & recognized web host for making the Best Australian VPS Hosting. Therefore, under this guide, we have highlighted Serverwala’s excellent virtual private server. 

Serverwala is a well-renowned data center that renders the cheapest VPS hosting plans & packages. Before you know more about the leading web host Serverwala & its VPS hosting, let’s learn about the significance, working & advantages of a virtual private server for your website. 

What is Australia VPS Server

Australia VPS Server is a web hosting solution that runs on the principle of virtualization technology. It lets you eliminate the limitations & constraints of the shared server web hosting plans & packages. Further, you receive many advantages & privileges of dedicated server web hosting at the most viable pricing. 

With the VPS Server Australia hosting, you obtain an independent & secure web platform to host your website. Also, you can scale your existing dedicated web resources with utmost ease as and when your website needs. 

Benefits you will get with Serverwala’s Australia VPS Server

Benefits you will get with Serverwala’s Australia VPS Server

As mentioned at the start, you can easily trust Serverwala data center to obtain the Best VPS Hosting Australia for your website. It is a highly recognized web host across the globe for accommodating every demand & necessity of varied websites. 

Further, at the Serverwala data center, you acquire the support of top-tier infrastructure with the following high-grade web hosting benefits – 

  • Service level agreement
  • 99.90% Uptime assurance
  • 24/7 Technical & customer assistance via experienced specialists
  • Control panel options
  • Prevalent & popular OS choices
  • Highest & fastest network connectivity
  • Secure network channels with all the Cheap Australia VPS hosting plans & packages
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • SSH control access
  • Fully managed web hosting services

11 Security Features that Serverwala Offers with Australia VPS Server

Australia VPS Server

Mentioned below are the incredible security features you receive with Serverwala’s Australia VPS Server for assuring the full protection of your website – 

  1. Malware Removal

Since a large number of websites are getting hacked every day, malware removal is necessary. The data center provides your website with malware scan & protection. This helps in cleaning blacklists domains, viruses, whitelists, etc. Also, your website gets protection from getting re-infected. 

  1. Data Backups

With all the Cheap Australia VPS hosting plans & packages, Serverwala offers automated data backups. You can maintain the weekly data backups of your website without investing much effort & time. 

  1. Web Application Firewall

Your website obtains a web application firewall that helps in patching the vulnerabilities as well as repairing misconfigurations. Web Application Firewall does so by employing traffic filtering & virtual patching.

  1. Website Security Monitoring

The data center ensures 24/7 VPS Australia monitoring to control the functionality & data security of your website. This helps in recognizing any threats or issues that may happen to your website at the earliest. 

  1. Free SSL Certificate

Serverwala data center provides the SSL certificate for your website at absolutely zero cost. This prevents your website from getting blacklisted by search engines for other websites’ inappropriate activities. 

  1. DDoS Protection

With the DDoS Protection that comes with VPS Australia, your website is not likely to crash as well as your website visitors do not encounter poor performance. Also, your website obtains spam-bot as well as HTTP flood protection.

  1. Website Antivirus

Serverwala’s VPS Server Australia comes with in-built antivirus protection. This enables the monitoring, discovering, and cleaning of web shells, hackers’ tools, viruses, and malware. 

  1. Enterprise-Grade Hardware

Serverwala assures the support of enterprise-grade hardware based on resilient & most progressive technologies. Also, your website obtains advanced hardware tools for seamless and uninterrupted performance.

  1. Website Isolation

With the data center’s VPS Hosting Australia, your website acquires a fully isolated & autonomous web hosting environment. So, your website will be at no risk of cross-contamination or unnecessary downtime. 

  1. Managed Web Security

You obtain completely managed web security from the Serverwala data center. The data center provides dedicated round-the-clock monitoring, web attack security, credentials administration, computerized file scans, probity checks, routine domain prominence checks & susceptibility control.

  1. Secured VPS

The Australia VPS Server of Serverwala comes with kernel patching, HIDs setup, OS components updates, and ultimate technical support. This gives you the guarantee of your website’s complete security. 


Australia Server Hosting is an ideal cost-effective web hosting solution to run your website with utmost security & high-end performance. It lets you obtain high hosting flexibility, customizability, an independent hosting environment, easily scalable web resources, and many other top-level privileges. 

Further, you can get the most suitable Cheap VPS Hosting Australia plan or package with advanced data security features for your website at the Serverwala data center. Visit now the official website of the data center to check out more insightful details about the highly protected & best VPS hosting services & facilities.

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