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Seven Standout Looks from New York Fashion Week

Seven Standout Looks from New York Fashion Week The couture ateliers of Paris are regarded as the pinnacle of fashion craftsmanship: masters of silk, satin, and brocade; wearable fantasy magicians. But what if the same care was given to denim, the fabric of American myth? At Who Decides War, Everard Best,

and Téla D’Amore paint, fray, embroider, sequin, and otherwise make the material precious and evocative through the intricacy of the surface treatments. Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, once wore jeans to the Met Gala, much to everyone’s surprise, but this trou show that Haute denim is

no longer a contradiction in terms.

Veteran designer Vivienne Tam debuted a metaverse-themed collection featuring various NFT characters during New York Fashion Week.
Gemini, the cryptocurrency trading platform, CyberKongz, and several other web3 companies sponsored the show.
The majority of fashion enthusiasts who attended the event were unaware of or uninterested in web3.
Vivienne Tam, the designer behind the famous “Mao collection” from 1995, arrived at New York Fashion Week with a lofty vision for her Spring/Summer 2023 collection: bridge art and technology, east and west, fantasy and reality, and crypto lovers and crypto indifferents. more details for essentials sweatshirt

Tam’s collection included a light yellow suit with a giant gorilla face (an NFT character from The Bored Ape Yacht Club), a floor-length gown with a colorful despite the overlap between the fashion and NFT worlds – such as being environmentally disastrous and requiring disposable income to participate – their communities do not easily merge, even in a space dedicated to facilitating just that. mosaic of astronauts (characters from the Awkward Astronauts NFT collection), and striped blouses appliquéd with pop-art style bananas (representing $BANANA, a cryptocurrency used for purchasing things in the CyberKongz NFT universe).

There were clear distinctions between those who came to the show for fashion and those who came for NFTs. Fashionistas wore high-end items such as strappy platform boots, sheer blouses, and small purses. The NFT people (mostly white men moving in packs) wore black jeans and a shirt or jacket referencing their web3 company. The groups did not appear to interact in any way.

“What do you mean?” one woman asked. She adored the collection and noticed the monkeys, but assumed they were just a motif. She had no idea they were from

the Bored Apes Yacht Club or CyberKongz.

Another woman deferred immediately to her teenage daughter, who was familiar with web3. The daughter, who was soft-spoken and shy, said she liked the show but didn’t say much else.

The mother’s questions echoed mine as we talked for a few minutes. Tam, did you intend to sell physical and NFT versions of your pieces? Was she required to obtain specific licenses or follow fair use procedures? Tam, did you own the NFTs in your collection or did you borrow their likeness from the owners? more details for essentials clothing brand

Tam’s publicist stated that she does not own any of the NFTs in the collection. “We have agreements to showcase the NFTs on the runway and are currently working with the owners of each NFT to develop unique retail agreements,” said a spokesperson. “We’re also creating a Bespoke collection for NFT owners only.”

When I asked some young and fashionable people what they thought of Tam’s NFTs, they looked at me blankly before changing the subject. They didn’t seem to know about Tam’s NFT collection,

didn’t seem to care, or both.

Tam’s show was attended by an eye-catching group of crypto men. Two of them wore massive LEGO helmets shaped like two 8-bit characters from

It’s easy to get a sense of what drives the founder of France’s first online fashion brand in her office. Like the clothes she designs for Sézane, the space is stylish yet approachable, comfortable yet elevated, textured yet clean.

It’s intriguing how Sézalory translates her elevated inspiration into Sézane’s whimsical and vintage-inspired designs, despite being one of France’s most adored cult labels known for its contemporary femininity, wearability, desirability, and-most importantly-accessibility.

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