Thursday, February 2nd, 2023

Wpc15 Dashboard – Login, Registration and Troubleshooting

The World Peace Council (WPC) has made it easy for you to access its Dashboard through the web. You can register for the WPC’s free courses, activities and events and get started on a journey of understanding what peace is, building peace in your community and around the world, learning how to prevent war or violent conflicts, or using mediation skills to resolve disputes.

About Wpc15: What is Wpc15?

The World Peace Council (WPC) is an international non-governmental organization of which the United Nations and many United Nations’ Member States, governments, NGOs and other institutions are members. The objective of WPC is to promote global peace and disarmament, by informing people about the threat of war or violent conflicts, by educating them about peaceful alternatives to wars or violent conflicts, or by using mediation skills to resolve disputes peacefully.

“The World Peace Council (WPC) aims at general and complete disarmament under strict and effective international control, elimination of all weapons of mass-destruction as well as other weapons potentially dangerous to mankind, in particular chemical and biological weapons.

What is the Wpc15 dashboard?

The Wpc15 Dashboard is a private, secure, password-protected web site that gives you 24-hour access to information about the WPC’s activities. It also helps you organize your participation in peace activities organized by the dashboard or related organizations and individuals.

“The Wpc15 Dashboard will assist both the Council and its members in organizing peace activities, including conferences and campaigns at both national and international level. This tool could be particularly useful for members who wish to arrange non-conventional events such as sports events around the International Day of Peace. The dashboard will also be a useful tool for National Sections wishing to launch their own event.

Final Words about Wpc15:

The World Peace Council is an NGO that aims at promoting peace in the world through non-violent conflict resolution and education, both in the West and in Russia.

The Wpc15 Dashboard will help you to organize peace activities and gather information about the activities of your local branch. It will also help you manage your membership.

Like web sites belonging to other NGOs, the wpc15 dashboard login is open for all members of the WPC and other interested organizations to visit 24/7, without having to create an account or use a password.

The Wpc15 Dashboard is available at:

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