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Known for its treks at 15250 feet in altitude and above, the Rupin Pass Trek offers complete excitement and adventure for people who love adventure. The stunning trek begins and ends in the “Land of the Gods” which includes Uttarakhand as well as Himachal Pradesh. Naturally, the pure splendor of nature’s landscapes during this trek is a pure pleasure for those who like to be in the midst of nature.

In this trek, the trekker has a chance to walk through pastoral settlements and lush green pastures suspension bridges and dense forests, breathtaking streams and gushing rivers as well as waterfalls.

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Rupin Pass trek 

This is not an exception. It is a trek through alpine forests, through meadows with snow-capped mountains while playing hide and seek and finally crossing a pass, it is stunning and intriguing. Rupin Pass is rated as a moderately tough hike. The average time for a hike is 5-6 hours and 9 miles per day. You must be prepared for this feat easily. The terrain is another element that determines difficulty. The trails aren’t clear in several sections. A decent climb over slippery mud and hard and rough snow is an integral component of this hike. To ascend the steep climb 15260 feet up from Upper Falls and Alley to Rupin Pass requires very good endurance or cardio. While our Himalayan trekkers, trek leaders, and others will help you climb the slippery sections, you have to become a well-prepared, independent person to tackle this hike.

The best time

The Rupin Pass trek can be accomplished in two seasons, one in the summer months from May through June and another during the post-monsoon period during September and October. Notably, there is a lot of snowfall during the summer months, and the landscape is green as the weather is cleared in the post-monsoon period. In the meantime, about the beginning of winter, grass begins to change color from the close of October. The average temperature for Rupin Pass ranges from 13degC to 18degC during the day, and 7degC and 0degC during the night.

Suggestions Trekking Agency of Rupin Pass

Day 1: Dehradun to Dhaula

Reach Dhaula – A 10 to 11 an hour journey from Dehradun to reach Dhaula via the transport method chosen by the trekking company you have hired.

Day 2: From Dhaula (5,100 feet) up to Service 

(6,300 feet) Duration approximately 6 hours, 11 km

Trek Gradientmoderate for a couple of hours. The initial hike is followed by a smooth oscillating hike with short climbs as well as drops.

Day 3: Sewa (6,300 feet) up to Jiskun 

(7,700 feet) duration 5 hours 8 km

Trek Gradient: Tough walking, easy for the first three hours, followed by a grueling ascent to Jiskun for two hours.

Day 4: Jiskun (7,700 feet) from Udkanal 

(10,100 feet) time: 6 hours, 8 km

Trek Gradient- Difficult. After an hour’s hike, the steep climb of an hour is gradual until you reach an open pine forest. The descent is steep for an hour before settling down for an easy stroll.

Day 5: Time calculated from Udkanal 

(10,100 feet) up to Dhanderas Thatch (11,700 ft) 5 hours and 6 kilometers

Trek Gradient moderate to easy, slow climb and difficult terrain on an ice bridge

Day 6: Time measured starting from Dhanderas Thatch 

(11,700 ft) to Upper Falls (13,100 ft) 3 hours

Trek Gradient- Moderately continuous climbing trail, challenging to navigate around snow patches at the top and base of the fall.

Day 7: Upper Falls (13,100 ft) to Rupin Pass (15,380 ft) 

From Rupin Ferry to Ronti Gad (13,100 feet)

Time took: Between 10 and 11 hours

Day 8: Time calculated to travel from Ronti Gad 

(13,100 feet) up to Sangla (8,600 feet) through Sangla Kanda (11,427 feet) in 6 hours.

Trek GradientModerateDifficult, continuous descent to Sangla.

What is Rupin Pass Trek recognized for?

The Pass Trek is famous for Rupin Pass Trek is famous by tourists for Trekking, Pass, expeditions, and Summer Trek.

Rupin Pass Trek is the recommended destination for corporates, couples, foreigners, and groups.

The Trek is a popular spot for things to do / interests including Adventure, Camping, High Altitude Mountain Pass Meadows, Trekking, and Waterfalls.

Here are the essentials you must BACK

Trekking shoes/trekking pole

Warm clothing/mosquito repellent

LED flashlight and headlamp with additional batteries

Extra pair of woolen socks/raincoat/gloves

Sunscreen lotion/sunglasses/lip balm

Bars/energy drinks, water bottles, emergency medical kit


ATM FACILITY, Mobile Connectivity: If someone needs cash on the way from Dehradun to Dhaula Then there’s an area named Purola in which the ATM is located. The mobile network that includes BSNL, Vodafone, and Airtel is only available at three locations: Dhaula as well as Jiskun in addition to Sangla.

Porter and pony facilities are available The pony and the porter facilities are readily available at Dhaula as well as at other places you’ll encounter during your journey. This service is available at a cost-effective price, and your possessions will be transported by ponies and porters. Furthermore, it can aid you in maintaining a steady speed at high altitudes.

Documents that must be carried: A trekker is required to have proof of identities like a driver’s license or voter’s ID a passport that has a photo, as well as an official medical certificate that proves that they are fit for trekking. A disclaimer document is required to prove your voluntary participation in the trekking journey in Rupin Pass.

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