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Ulta Beauty Incredibly Successful Omnichannel Brick And Mortar Strategy

 In this edition of Placer Spotlight. We take a look at the incredibly successful omnichannel brick-and-mortar strategy that Ulta Beauty has implemented. We take a deep dive into the visit data for Ulta Beauty in this edition of the Placer Spotlight. To study the ways in which the store’s extensive variety of in-store items. And services affect the amount of retail foot traffic the brand obtains.

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Ulta Beauty Keeps On Climbing The Ladder Of Success Without Stopping

Ulta is one of the non-essential retail businesses. That has rebounded from the COVID lockdowns and store closures the quickest. With retail foot traffic approaching 2019 levels in early 2021. This makes Ulta Beauty one of the retail businesses that considered to be among the most resilient.

Because of this, Ulta consistently ranked as one of the most successful retail companies. As the country continued to open up and people started coming back together again. The foot traffic at Ulta was significantly higher. It had been previous to the outbreak over most of the year 2021. This played a part in the increase in the number of customers that Ulta Beauty saw.

 Recent Impact Of Inflation

And even though the Omicron wave hit in January and February 2022. As well as the more recent impact of inflation and increasing gas prices. Ulta Beauty’s foot traffic is still doing quite well despite all of these factors. In April 2022, as compared to April 2021, the overall foot traffic for the brand. And visits per venue climbed by 21.0% and 19.0%, respectively. This came after the first quarter of consistent year-over-year growth (YoY).

It’s Likely That Ulta’s Success

It’s likely that Ulta Beauty’s success, despite the bigger challenges affecting the retail industry. Can be due to the brand’s diversified product range, which includes both high-end and more affordable options when it comes to beauty items. This could the reason for Ulta’s continued growth. Additionally, Ulta Beauty frequently distributes coupons, which makes the store more appealing to shoppers who are looking for deals.

It’s possible that the company is able to attract customers. Who are looking for a prestige-inspired shopping experience while keeping to a more stringent budget. Thanks to its concentration on supplying both value and higher-priced products under one roof.

Progress For Ulta Over The Course Of Many Years

Ulta Beauty’s present foot traffic, when compared to 2019 before the influenza outbreak. Suggests that the firm will be in even better health in 2022. This is the case when compared to 2019. When compared to the same time period in each of the previous three years. The first four months of this year saw an increase in the total number of visits to the brand that was in the double digits.

This was in part due to the rapid growth of the brand’s physical locations, which contributed to this result. In spite of this, the number of customers that visited each Ulta location increased at a rate. That was 22.2% higher year-over-year in April 2022 than they were in April of the previous year.

The Brand’s New Locations

This suggests that the brand’s new locations are already attracting a sizable clientele. Which is excellent news for the company because it signifies that the company is doing well. It is even more impressive that customers are spending more time shopping stand-alone. Ulta outlets gave the popularity of the Ulta Beauty @ Target partnership, which can found at Target.

There are presently more than 100 Ulta shop-in-shops located within Target. And there are plans to open an additional 250 Ulta outlets within Target in 2022. In spite of this, it does not appear that the availability of Ulta at Target is having an adverse impact on the customer demand for excursions to stand-alone Ulta Beauty stores. [C]ustomers appear to be visiting Ulta stores just as frequently as before.

Level Of Customer Loyalty

At Ulta, the level of customer loyalty has returned to where it was before the pandemic. Although it was said earlier that foot traffic to Ulta has been increasing for some time. The COVID campaign has resulted in a decline in the customer loyalty that the store enjoys. When compared to the proportion of returning visitors which was 20.4% in the first quarter of pre-pandemic 2019. The percentage of returning quarterly visitors dropped to 17.9% in the first quarter of 2020. And 18.9% in the first quarter of 2021, respectively.

Foot Traffic At Ulta Higher Overall

But now, not only is foot traffic at Ulta Beauty higher overall and in terms of visits per location. But the share of returning quarterly visitors has also climbed to 20.8%. Which is a slightly higher percentage than in the first quarter of 2019. This indicates that customers are returning to Ulta in slightly greater numbers.

Evidence Of The Effective Execution

It is evidence of the effective execution of an omnichannel brick-and-mortar strategy by the brand. That the stand-alone Ulta coupon $10 off $40 is successful in attracting new customers as well as returning ones. When we discuss omnichannel, we typically refer to it as the merger of offline and online channels. This is because omnichannel encompasses both types of channels. On the other hand, omnichannel may also mean utilizing a variety of channels. Inside the digital world in addition to those found in the physical area.

 Developing A Multichannel Sales Plan

This can mean developing a multichannel sales plan in order to sell a product online. Or it can mean marketing a brand across a range of websites and social media platforms. Either way, the end goal is to increase sales. Multiple websites can used to put into action multichannel sales tactics when conducting business online.

Offline, a comprehensive omnichannel strategy may encompass the operation of owned locations in addition to shop-in-shops and pop-up stores in order to expand customer access to the items and boost brand awareness. This is done with the goal of expanding customer access to the products.

Strong Visitation Trends To Ulta’s Owned Stores

Strong visitation trends to Ulta’s owned stores despite the rise of alternative offline channels demonstrate that offering a variety of brick-and-mortar sales channels does not necessarily mean that these channels will cannibalize each other.

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