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The branding on a motor is self-explanatory that you are buying a value-added product but apart from that, there are several factors to consider while buying a motor online. A few parameters to consider while looking for a motor that best serves your purpose are elaborated below.  


An electric motor is made to run at 50% to 100% of the load. For example, a ten-horsepower motor has a load range of 5 to 10 HP; 7.5 peak efficiency. An improper current rating leads to underperformance or overheating, eventually damaging it.   

Velocity / RPM:

rotations per minute depend on the application of the motor. In small applications like juicers or mills, a motor with 1440 RPM is an ideal choice but for industrial applications like washers and blowers, it needs 2880 RPM. Motors run efficiently at the highest speeds having their exceptions when gearing is needed, which may reduce their efficiency so, consider speed and torque reduction also.  


It is said that higher voltage is directly proportional to higher torque but make sure to apply the recommended voltage to achieve maximum efficiency while the motor is running because at lesser voltage, the motor will not function and too many volts will result in destruction. In 1931, U.S. Motors began the production of Syncrogear motors for low speed, high torque applications  


Motors are available in single-phase models as well as three-phase models. Single phase power supply only has 2 wires: Phase and Neutral, but a three-phase supply has three conductor wires and a neutral wire. Therefore, a single-phase model can run on a three-phase supply but vice versa is not possible.  


Aluminum, Iron, Steel, and Copper are used to make motors for high conductivity and low cost, and nickel or cobalt are also used or mixed with other metals to build motors. In 1970, U.S. motors Indianapolis introduced the UNIMOUNT® extruded aluminum frame motor.  


The motors are mounted outdoors as well as indoors depending upon their installation a proper enclosure is important to be selected to protect the windings, bearings, and other internal parts from the surrounding weather conditions. An Enclosed Fan Cooled Motor (TEFC) enclosure is an ideal choice for maximum protection. Enclosures for both Hazardous and Non- Hazardous Locations are made to provide a degree of protection against external factors affecting the functioning of the motor. 

Frame size:

It is taken into consideration while mounting the motor according to shaft diameter and length. The frame sizes associated with industrial motors are 42, 48, and 56. The motors having the same frame size can replace each other as they have similar geographical properties but different power and torque.  


Inspecting your motor for residual deposits, maintaining proper ventilation, allowing proper cooling, observing seals and connections, fixing bolts, and conducting winding and vibration tests are some of the preventive measures taken to make motors last longer.  

Cost Savings:

Cost cutting is not to be done at the time of purchase except for any offer or discount available but by choosing the right motor for your application and afterward by maintaining it.   

*Do not fall prey to the cheapest motors, consider these parameters before purchasing a motor because a motor must serve the purpose only then the money spent worthy to you. Find genuine U.S. Electric Motors to purchase at With exciting deals and offers, we assure you an economical purchase

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