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People follow various forms of diet to maintain their weight or lose weight. Weight loss is one of the untapped advantages of hemp products. The compound in the cannabis plant that targets weight loss is widely known as “diet weed.”

The active element in diet weed is THCV, which is responsible for the reduction in the adipose tissues, eventually controlling the weight. THCV is a modified form of THC that looks similar but has different effects on the body. 

A hemp product might be the answer if you are looking forward to reducing your weight. You can buy this online from here: https://joyorganics.com/blogs/news/what-is-thcv-heres-everything-you-need-to-know-about-diet-weed

But, before tapping into THCV-containing products, let’s dig deeper into how they work:

Suppress the Appetite

There have been studies in the past that have confirmed the relation between cannabis and weight loss. However, the way it does so is quite complicated. The way it reduces weight is by decreasing the appetite. 

Many weed smokers swear by loss of appetite on the consumption of weed. The legal approach requires careful administration of only the non-psychotic cannabis compounds. THCV is a compound that is profoundly used to suppress appetite. 

You can use THC-infused supplements or food to decrease your appetite. It is also known to reduce thirst at the same time. Thus, you’ll have to ensure proper hydration throughout the diet. If not kept in check, dehydration can cause further medically concerning problems. Use 

Nevertheless, excessive use of THCV should be avoided as it can cause restlessness, confusion, and headaches. Moreover, it would help if you do not go for a weed diet when your BMI is close to normal Body Mass Index i.e.18. It is because appetite drop can lead to malnutrition and unhealthy weight loss. 

Get the Metabolism Going

THCV also affects body metabolism in such a way that it boosts energy production, causing enhanced energy flow in the body. The hyperactive metabolism causes mobilization of your fat tissues and promotes their digestion by the body. 

The high metabolic rate is sometimes wrongly inferred as the state of “being high.” THCV is non-psychotic and doesn’t get its consumers high. You can use THCV-containing products throughout the day when you want to optimize your functioning and energy levels. 

Reduce the Metabolic Disorders

Diabetes, especially Type 2 Diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease, are the main metabolic disorders that interfere with normal body functioning. You can enjoy the relaxing and calming effects of diet-weed while impeding the progression of your metabolic disorders. 

Obesity also falls in the category of metabolic disorders as the body fails to metabolize fat cells in the adipose tissues appropriately. THCV enhances the metabolism, including the metabolism of fat cells that, in turn, decreases fat tissue in the body, reducing weight and obesity. 

Induce Sleep and Relaxation

Diet weed can help you sleep better at night and reduce insomnia. You will experience antidepressant and calming effects on your body after using THCV-containing products. They lower your anxiety to the extent that they help you sleep better. 

Furthermore, it also decreases stress by balancing the hormones in the body. Increased cortisol levels in the body cause stress and anxiety. Whereby sadness or state of ‘feeling low’ is due to declined serotonin levels in the body. The Endocannabinoid system maintains the regulation of both these hormones. THCV interacts with this system and has played a crucial role in managing the hormones in the body. 

You will feel peaceful and relaxed when the hormones in your body are balanced, eventually balancing your emotions. After taking THCV-infused supplements, it will be easier for you to fall asleep without any struggle. 

Things to Consider Before Using Diet Weed

It is extremely important for you to check the potency and dosage of the THCV product you are taking. You will have to keep the following things in consideration while planning to take THCV supplements:


It is the amount of active ingredient, i.e., THCV, present in each product serving. You will want to start with THCV products with the least potency and then shift to the normal potency if no side effects occur. If any side effects begin to surface during this period, stop taking the supplements and consult your physician for symptomatic treatment.  


The number of gummies and capsules of THCV you take in each serving is called dosage. The dosage is usually mentioned on the packaging, and medical advice should be taken to decide on dosage as per your BMI and other medical concerns, if any. 

THC Concentration: 

The concentration of THC in diet weed should ideally be zero because THC causes psychedelic effects, unlike THCV.  

Legal Status

You will have to do some research regarding the composition of the diet weed product you take. It is because there are many brands that use federally legal tetra-8 THC instead of illegal tetra-9 THC to induce the same psychedelic effects as Delta-9 THC. If the product contains THC in a concentration less than 0.3%, it will be deemed legal.   

Since there is little research on this subject, you should always try to weigh its pros and cons in accordance with your condition and then move toward a decision. 

Pros and Cons of Diet Weed

Source: DreamsTime.com

Following are some summarized reasons you should leap onto a weed diet:

  • It reduces weight by increasing the metabolism
  • It gives an energy boost to its consumers
  • It decreases the seizures in epileptic patients
  • It gives relief from mild to moderate pain
  • Cannabis plants are rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • It can fight the cancerous cells in the body
  • It can be used in chemotherapy of tumor patients

You should carefully take the decision to shift to a weed diet. Preferably, take medical advice from your physician before taking a plunge into this diet. Following are the risks associated with the use of THCV:

  • It causes dehydration and is accompanied by dryness in the mouth
  • It tends to interact with other drugs rendering them ineffective or even harmful
  • It is known to introduce toxic effects on the brain and body after regular use
  • Long-term use of THCV can also increase confusion and headaches
  • Unchecked use of THCV causes loss of memory and cognitive function
  • It can also cause addiction
  • Only a handful of manufacturers follow legal and hygienic extraction methods approved by a medical board.

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