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TOP CELEBRITIES’ ADS who Inspire Common People

Everyone is linked in a society powered by social media, which is easily accessible and lightning-fast throughout the globe.

The level of confidence in major media outlets has fallen to an all-time low; in fact, brands are now among the most relied-upon information sources.

Celebrity endorsements on social media have shown to be a terrific method for firms to establish sincere connections, which are crucial.

People are drawn to faces and personalities with which they can identify. Check out 10 instances of this marketing strategy in action in this post. How does a celebrity endorsement work, though?

Why Celebrity Endorsement Matters

If your brand is up to date, you’re employing celebrity endorsement to market your products or services.

I’m not joking when I say that 43% of marketers want to raise their expenditure on this type of advertising. 75% of marketers utilise influencers as a marketing strategy.

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Commercials no longer represent all of marketing. Social media platforms are becoming increasingly popular as the best approach to advertise your company.

Promotional products have been greatly impacted by YouTube videos and celebrity endorsements on social media sites like Twitter and Instagram.

Brands and celebrities who collaborate stand to benefit greatly.

What Makes a Celebrity Endorsement Work?

Simple guidelines may help an endorsement succeed: pick a collaboration that makes sense, and never disparage the product being promoted.

Even while it might appear straightforward, not everyone has been able to do so.

For instance, things went south when Lebron James teamed up with Samsung in 2014 to promote the new Samsung Galaxy Note III due to a poorly-considered tweet.

Lebron griped about his new phone rebooting and wiping its memory.

1. Travis Scott & McDonald’s

McDonald’s had no clue what they were getting into when they partnered with American rapper Travis Scott in September 2020. The dish they developed, known as “The Travis Scott,” became so well-liked that there were shortages everywhere it was sold.

It wasn’t necessarily a horrible idea, though. In addition to the meal becoming one of the chain’s best-selling menu items, Travis Scott also recognized an opportunity to profit.

According to Forbes, his total earnings from product sales and endorsements were over $20 million. That is hardly a poor score.

For the first time, McDonald’s had a celebrity’s name associated with one of its items with Travis Scott.

October 2019: After over two years together, a source confirms to Us Weekly that the two are taking a break from their relationship. “Kylie Jenner and Travis have been on and off at various times throughout their relationship,” the source explains.

Would you agree with me that that was a smart move?

2. David Beckham Phone Ads

A well-known businessman and soccer star, David Beckham. He discusses the time of his next picture shoot over the phone with his assistant in this commercial.

He’s prepared since he is aware that his more than 100 million social media followers can’t wait to see what he will wear.

The Samsung Galaxy phones featured in the David Beckham cell phone commercial are gaining popularity in countries like China, Brazil, and India.

Given his recent prominence, it is not surprising that David Beckham is listed as a celebrity ambassador for Samsung.

David may be seen in this commercial using his phone to shoot and send images to his loved ones. When he meets up with others, he also seems to be messaging on his phone.

The simplicity and effectiveness of this advertisement are maybe its best qualities. It doesn’t use any flashy techniques or gimmicks; instead, David is just David, and we all know that implies success by this point.

But David Beckham is more than just one of the most well-known and attractive soccer players. He exudes a great deal of charm, and his advertisements are also extremely good.

3. Snoop Dogg & Corona

Go big or go home was the motto when popular rapper Snoop Dogg teamed up with Corona in August of 2020.

During the Golden Globes, a commercial with Snoop Dogg and Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny was broadcast. The rapper continued to be recognizable in front of viewers from all around the country because of his fierce clothes and stylishly odd shell phone.

With this sponsorship, Snoop Dogg really went big. For the contract, he received a tidy $10 million, which is not bad for one commercial.

Snoop Dogg, a gifted musician who has performed under a variety of monikers, unquestionably increased his notoriety and that of Corona with this song.

4. Ryan Reynolds & Mint Mobile

Ryan Reynolds, a well-known actor, and movie producer, and Mint Mobile’s relationship made headlines. He began by collaborating with Mint Mobile before moving on to purchase the full business in November 2019.

It’s true that Ryan Reynolds currently owns Mint Mobile. The celebrity has embraced supporting the business wholeheartedly, writing on the organization’s official website,

How is it going, then?

fairly well In the last three years, Mint Mobile, a four-year-old business, has seen extraordinary growth: their income has increased by 50,000%.


Everything is evolving, including consumer, purchasing practices. Modern buyers prefer a personal endorsement from someone they would consider a friend rather than just from anyone.

Who wouldn’t desire a friendship with their favorite celebrity?

Marketers are increasingly focusing on celebrity endorsements to strengthen their brands. Put a face to the goods you’re trying to promote as the power of social media becomes ever wider. Ideally a friendly face.

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